Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Over a decade ago I found my way into design because of music and stayed as I experienced it's profound impact on our everyday lives.

Always be learning.

A majority of my experience over the past 12 years has been in interactive digital design including; design system building, ux ui design, prototyping, and motion design for mobile and web.

I'm at my best when working within constraints to deliver beautiful, usable, large scale solutions that add value to the lives of people everywhere.

I'm motivated at work if:

  • I can learn something
  • a clear goal is in sight
  • my work has value for others
  • I feel appreciated as a teammate
  • I know my ideas and opinions are heard
  • people respect my time, deadline, and keep their promises



Design Lead 2021 ⌁ Currently

Sr. Product Designer 2019 ⌁ 2021 (2 yrs) Remote

Sr. Product Designer at Headway, focused on product design for clients and design systems.

  • Design systems building for clients
  • Design systems and Figma training for clients
  • Product design, Research, Branding, Marketing for clients
  • Community contributions in the form of live streams, blogs, and figma resources
  • Ideation to launch of multiple apps & businesses

Lampstand Story Co.

Interactive Director 2018 ⌁ 2019 (1 yr 4 mos) OKC, OK

Interactive director for Lampstand films and its clients films.

  • Design and development of Lampstand web properties
  • Design and development of client web properties
  • Introduction and training of Figma, Webflow, and various Marketing tools
  • Interactive and marketing strategy of films, documentary series, and campaigns for the company and its clients.

Life.Church Interactive

Sr. Product Designer 2016 ⌁ 2017 (1 yr 3 mos) Product Designer 2015 ⌁ 2016 (1 yr 1 mos)

Leading product design for LifeChurch Interactive reaching all 28 locations and hundreds of thousands of online attendees.

  • Introduction and training of Sketch, Zeplin, InVision, and various Prototyping tools
  • Design systems building
  • UX and UI Design of various LC websites
  • Cross platform design of web and native apps
  • Product Design on LC native mobile and tv apps
  • Augmented Reality apps
  • Mentorship of junior product designer

Logos Software / Faithlife

Product Designer 2014 ⌁ 2015 (1 yr 6 mos) Bellingham, WA

Product Designer in DSGNHAVN, the in-house design team for Logos and Faithlife related products.

  • Product and brand development
  • Design systems building
  • Marketing design for various products
  • Website traffic growth
  • E-commerce environment
  • Responsive website UI for various products
  • Introduction and training of Sketch, Zeplin, InVision, Webflow
  • I lead interactive design for the companies primary product launch of Logos6.

Logos & Faithlife Projects
Logos & Faithlife Projects


Owner & Designer 2008 ⌁ 2014 (6 yrs) Freelance

Difted was a freelance business I founded and operated from 2008-2014. It's where I cut my teeth as a designer and business owner with client projects relating to UX/UI design & development, motion graphics, branding, and short films. I learned a great deal about managing the day-to-day aspects of running a business, communication with remote colleagues, and the project needs of clients of all sizes and types.

Non-Profit Work.


Co-Founder & Designer

heartsupport is an idea that started as a sketch in my notebook while touring the states with my bandmates. When the music stopped, a couple of friends and I launched heartsupport into an online community offering helps and resources focused on matters of the heart. heartsupport is still running today by a new team of passionate individuals.


Volunteer Design

Since 2013 I have volunteered design services to Project41 whose team develops low tech, affordable, appropriate technology solutions that work in remote, developing world locations.


UI Design | UX Design | Information Architecture | Systems Design | HTML/CSS | Project MGMT | Graphic Design | Motion Design | Prototyping | Typography | Branding | UX Research | Usability Testing

Design Stack.

Figma & Figjam

HiFi Design, Design systems, Flows, Prototypes, LoFi ideation, Research Synthesis, User Journeys, Card Sorting, and more

Principle & After Effects

Animation, High-fidelity prototypes


Research interviews


Annotated video walkthroughs


Documentation, Notes, Personas, UX Metrics, Reviews, and more

Stories on Board

Story mapping, Release planning

Zoom & Slack



Websites, web app prototyping

Adobe Suite

Graphic design, illustration, Animation


Audio note synthesis