SaaS apps

SaaS Apps

The following is a sampling of SaaS products I have had the opportunity to help design and deliver to the world.

My Role Product Design Lead, UX UI Design, Research, Prototyping, Usability Testing


Roostify is an integrated digital mortgage platform used by the world's largest lenders.

Type: B2B, FinTech / SaaS Web

My Role: Product Design Lead, Design Systems, Ideation

Roostify was searching for a new solution that empowered their team to launch new designs faster without creating additional technical debt within the design process. My role was to lead and collaborate with Roostify to establish best practices for quality control and speed through design system implementation.

I lead the establishment of a new design system and design system training for Roostify's product to set the foundation. After the design system was implemented, we helped train the Roostify design team on design system management and best practices for maintenance and growth.

As Roostify grew, they wanted to decrease the reliance on additional headcount and processes to become more scalable and product-led.

We worked with the team to ideate, concept, and prototype out a scalable path forward for their white-label initiatives. This included creating end-to-end customer experience maps, peeling back the redundancies across administrative workflows, and identifying opportunities to simplify and streamline processes.

While making sure the user experience meshed well, we also focused on creating a cohesive library of interactive patterns to help users navigate and access data on-demand.


U.S. AutoForce is the leading distributor of tires, undercar parts and lubricants.

Type: B2B, SaaS Web app & Mobile App

My Role: Product Design Lead, Design Systems

U.S. AutoForce brings together more than 100 years of experience as an industry leader in the distribution of tires, undercar parts, and lubricants to independent tire retailers, auto repair shops, and automotive dealerships.

The team at USAF wanted to improve the overall experience of their white-label product. We worked with them to ideate, concept, and prototype out a scalable path forward for both their browser based and native app products.

This involved; an audit of the current application, interviews with stakeholders, creating an ecosystem map of the current system, consumer journey maps, user personas, mood boards, new user flows, an audit of current competitors, conception of new designs, presentation of concepts as prototypes, accessibility analysis of new designs, establishing pattern libraries & design systems for the new designs, and designing out the new sections of the desktop app, followed by a design of a mobile app. We tested new designs with stakeholders and customers along the way. All of these efforts were split into two - eight week long sprints.

⌁ Currently In Development


SalesKit is one tool for your sales team’s docs, playbook, and more.

Type: B2C, CRM / SaaS Web app & Desktop Extension

My Role: Product Design Lead, Design Systems

All of your sales need-to-knows and ‘how-to’ in one great place. With SalesKit you can find all sales assets, processes, templates and more in ONE place. Pull the tribal knowledge out of your top reps and managers head’s and into a place where everyone can use it. Reduce interruptions and the frustration of answering the same ol’ questions and more.

The founders at SalesKit came to us at Headway with all of their experience in sales and frustrations with today tools looking to build a better option for sales teams.

Through a series of discovery interviews with sales teams and individuals we discovered all the ways they were hacking together their own solutions, utilizing a variety of tools and disjointed processes. We uncovered their pains and desires for a better sales tool and began concepting, prototyping, and user testing potential solutions towards the MVP.

The result is SalesKit — a simple training and content management software for sales teams that allows you to build out kits, plays, and your entire sales process in no time at all.


Powerful study is made simple with Logos.

Type: B2C, Reference / SaaS / Mobile, TV apps, Web

My Role: Product Design Lead, Design Systems

While at Logos I worked on a team of 10 product designers and was a main contributor to the research, design, and usability of the Logos platform (SaaS) and additional web and mobile digital products within the ecosystem. I worked with marketing and introduced new tools to build and test responsive design to create our customer-facing marketing site and eCommerce platforms.